Display Editor Overview

On this page, we'll run through the Display Editor within the MarkeyDS dashboard. This is where you'll learn how to edit your channel, update your regions and widgets, and push your updates to your devices.

Display Controls

The display controls offer a quick glance at your current layout while giving you a few options to manage your preview window as well as your devices.

Layout Template

This is where you can see the layout as it corresponds to each region. The numbers in each region correspond to the slide editor drawer at the bottom of the display editor.

RefreshLoad a new preview of your channel with any updates that need to be reflected.

Open your channel in a new tab to preview it in a larger window

Pro Tip: If you're on a 16:9 monitor, View your browser in Full-Screen mode to have a more accurate representation of your channel as it appears on your device(s).

UpdateUpdate your current Channel Version and push all changes made to your channel over to your device(s).

Channel Settings

The Channel Settings impact your entire channel. To reveal the options on each, click the heading.

Version Number

This indicates the latest version number for the current channel. Every time you Update your channel, that number will increase.

Pro Tip: In the Devices manager, you can verify that your devices are on the appropriate channel version and are completely up to date.

Change ChannelSelect which channel to edit from your available list.
ChannelCustomize your channel name, UID (not recommended), and toggle whether the channel is active or inactive.
ThemeSelect which theme you'd like applied to your channel. Available themes will implement a variety of CSS and style changes including background colors and images.

Select from available arrangements of regions to change the look of your channel.

Note: When changing layouts, all slides will transfer to the matching region number. When moving from a template with more regions to one with fewer (i.e. from five to four), all slides in the unmatched regions will be removed and need to be added again.

LogoInclude a logo for your business that will appear on top of the layout in the upper left-hand corner of your channel.
Background Image

Customize the image behind all of your slides and regions.

Pro Tip: This is where you can really breathe some life into the look and feel of your channel's design. We recommend an image sized at 1920x1080 for HD resolutions and 3840x2160 for 4K resolutions. For optimal performance, keep file sizes optimized for web.

TimezoneSelect the timezone you want your channel to adhere to. This will impact the clock widget across all instances on the channel.

Preview Window

The Preview Window shows a real-time view of the channel as you make updates.

Edit a slideClick on the slide you'd like to edit and the slide editor will appear on the left side of your screen.
Advance slides in a regionHover over the region you'd like to advance slides in and use the navigation arrows on the right and left to advance slides.

Region Drawer

The Region Drawer gives quick access to all of the slides within each region to add slides, edit settings, sort slides, and more.

Region TabsSelect each region tab to see the slides within the region. The number corresponds to the number under the Display Controls layout template further up in the Display Editor.
Region SettingsClick the gear icon next to each region heading to edit the settings of that region.
Add SlideTo add a slide to the currently selected region, click the "+ ADD" button on the left side of the drawer.
Sort SlidesTo arrange the slides in a different order, select the "<> SORT" button on the left side of the drawer. Each slide will then have a movement icon in the upper-right corner to indicate you can now drag and drop the slides to change the order.