iFrame Widget


The iFrame widget can help display some specific information or content that wouldn't otherwise fit into the standard widgets. Things like framing in a webpage, calendar, web app dashboard, and more can all be possible. Is it perfect in all instances? Absolutely not! However, it can be a great way to get dynamic content displayed on your channel quickly and easily.

Video Demo


 Can I use any URL?

Nope! Since the MarkeyDS framework is within a secure environment using https protocol, any URL you use for iFrame slides need to also be within a secured https protocol.

 My URL isn't working, what's up?

If your page or source isn't displaying properly, verify a few things with your entry:

  1. Ensure that you've typed in (or pasted) the URL correctly and don't have any spelling or transcription errors.
  2. Make sure you've included the protocol. In lamen's terms, make sure your link looks like this: https://www.markeyds.com and not like this www.markeyds.com
  3. Verify that the source you're pointing too has an SSL or is at a secured domain for https and not just http.
 I checked all those things and it still won't work. Now what?

Unfortunately we can't promise that all links will work within the iFrame widget for various reasons. There could be something up with the host of the content not allowing iFrames. For example, Google prevents anyone from framing in www.google.com. There are other opportunities for things to get hung up as MarkeyDS tries to display your content on your devices. If you're still running into issues, be sure to let us know what's happening with as much detail as possible on our support ticket submission form and we'll see if there's anything we can do to help out.