Text Scroll Widget


The Text Scroll widget is the closest widget that speaks the namesake of MarkeyDS in that it most closely represents an old school marquee. This will let you create scrolling text along one line that crawls across the region it's placed in.

Note: Scrolling text require significant processing power for the animation. If you experience intermittent crashes or poor performance, consider reducing the number of characters in your Text Scroll slide or use one or more Text Editor slides to simulate scrolling content.

Video Demo

Marquee Text

Here's where you'll enter in the specific text you'd like to share. It's recommended that this stay pretty brief, around 150 characters or so, for maximum impact.

Text Height

To affect the size of the text in the quote, put in a number between 1 and 100 as a percentage of the region that it's in. This will adjust the size of the text to be larger or smaller depending on how easy it is to read the text on the device itself.

Text Color

Select the color of the text.

Scroll Speed

Enter in the speed of the text depending on how quickly you'd like it to scroll. It is recommened to enter a value of "6" and then raising or lowering by one value at a time to find the exact speed desired.

Pro Tip: If you want it to really go bananas-fast, you can go all the way up to 74. Though it's not super practical... But fun!


 Does the Caption field under Slide Settings affect this widget?

It does! It's our recommendation that you keep the caption blank for this and any other text-based widget, but if you have a way to integrate them together, go for it!