Weather Widget


The Weather widget is a simple way to showcase the current weather conditions in the area selected.

Video Demo

Video demo goes here

Weather Zip Code

Enter in the five-digit zip code of the area you'd like to display weather of.


Select the color of the text for the temperature displayed.

Show Additional Info

Select whether you want the slide to display additional weather information including the locale attached to the zip code, sky conditions, and wind conditions. This additional information is displayed in three boxes (or "buttons" as they're depicted below) beneath the temperature.

Button Color

Select the color of the background behind the additional information if you've elected to display it.

Button Text Color

Select the color of the additional information text if you've elected to display it.

Text Height

Select the height of the text of the buttons as a numerical value. This height should be a percentage of the size of the region the slide appears in. It is recommended to begin with a value of "5" and then make incremental adjustments from there.

Font Weight

Select whether you'd like the text to display as bold or normal.


 Can I have the additional information displayed to the right or left of the time instead of beneath it?

Not currently, but we're always collecting feature requests from our community. So feel free to let us know if this is something you're looking for!

 The content isn't showing up in the editor, what gives?

The way our MarkeyDS display editor pulls in that information restricts us from showing it in the preview that's present in the editor itself. In order to preview how it looks, use the "Preview" link underneath the "Display Controls" on the left side of your editor.

 Why is my content pushing outside of the region its in?

You probably need to adjust the size of the button text. Try going down to 5 in that field or even smaller. If that still doesn't do the trick, you might have your weather slide in a very short region. If that's the case, it's recommended that you choose to not show the additional weather information and just have the temperature displayed.