Media Picker

Show your culture

The MarkeyDS Media Picker allows you to upload your own images and select them to show on your display’s channel. In addition to uploading your own imagery, you can also choose media from some external sources. We currently support external media from, any publicly accessible URL, and coming very soon….Instagram! 🤩

One of our favorite features of the media picker is the ability to select multiple images across the different sources (except URL) in one fell swoop and have the same settings applied to all new slides. 🥳


If there are other sources where you store your media that you would like MarkeyDS to integrate with let us know!

My Media

My media shows you all of the images that you have uploaded to MarkeyDS. From here you can also upload new images and select them right away.

Showing the My Media section of the Media Picker

Looking for something specific?

Do you know the name of your image? Search for it using the search box! Enter the name (or part of the name) and click the search icon to filter images.

Currently, we do not allow you to change the name of your image or have a way of tagging images. If you would like to have this feature, then we would like to give it to you! Let us know that you want this by reaching out to us


Pexels is a wonderful service that provides free stock photos for you to use…for free (I think we may have already mentioned that). You can use any image you find on there for any need/want you have. Need a beautiful background? I recommend searching for “nature” or “sky“.

Media Picker - Pexels


Do you have an Instagram account and want to pick some images from there to show on Markey? Then you are so close to being in luck! This is a feature that we are actively working on and are hoping to have in beta by the end of October 2021. Stay tuned and be on the lookout for the notification in the “New Features” link in the main navigation.


Do you have an image you are hosting somewhere and don’t want to upload it to Markey? No problem. Enter it in here!

  1. Enter the URL into the input
  2. Wait for it to load
  3. Click on the image to confirm it’s the one you want
  4. Adjust any settings you’d like in the Slide Settings drawer
  5. Save
  6. Party! 🎉