Twitter Timeline

Sweets & Tweets on your Channel

Want to have dynamic content on your board that’s always updated? Add a Twitter Feed! You can add your own, your organization’s, or any publicly available timeline to add rich, up-to-date content that automatically shows up on your Devices.

Twitter Feed Settings

Twitter URL

Here’s where you’ll enter the full URL to the embeddable Twitter timeline. Make sure you include the entire URL (with https), so it should look like this: 

Tweet Limit

Select how many Tweets should display in the Feed that you’ve embedded into your Channel. Typically, you won’t be able to see more than three to five Tweets on a standard display, but on some taller displays you might be able to see more. It will also depend on if the Tweets include images or multimedia, since those will be taller than Tweets that are only text.


Select whether you’d like the text to appear as Black or as White. You’ll most likely want to go with White on most dark-colored backgrounds and Black on most light-colored backgrounds.

Twitter Feed FAQs

Can I display multiple Twitter Feeds?

Absolutely! Simply add in another slide of the Twitter Feed widget and enter in the additional URL to that Feed in the slide.

Can I embed a single Tweet?

We currently don’t have the capability to embed a single Tweet in Markey Digital Signage Channels at this time.