Video Widget


Autoplay videos from YouTube and Vimeo

There’s a whole library out there of engaging video content, and there’s a good chance your organization has some, too! Now you can have those videos in rotation on your Markey Digital Signage.


Video Settings

Video URL

Enter the full URL of the YouTube or Vimeo video you want to embed, including the https://. Examples look like this:



Set the output volume of the video out to your Markey devices. Even if this is set above zero, you may not hear the audio since your television will need to have the volume turned up as well.

Pro-tip: If your intended device for the video is in a break room or communal area, it might be annoying to those in the space if a video is playing multiple times over and over again and they have to listen to it.

Our recommendation is to leverage video content that’s short, engaging, and can be consumed without any audio. Of course, your use-case is unique, so you do you!

Show Captions

If there are captions available on the selected video within its respective platform (YouTube or Vimeo) you can select to have those caption display on the device.

Slide Settings

All slides of all widgets have these same display settings.


Check the box for this slide to be published on your actual device(s). Uncheck the box to hide the slide from your device(s) but still keep it in the Region timeline.


Have a line of text show up at the bottom of the selected Slide. You can also select the Background Color and Text Color of the caption.

Pro Tip: This can be helpful in a pinch if you're looking to put a little text over an image without having to use image editing software. Especially handy when uploading headshots of employees and you want to have their name at the bottom of the image as well.

Background color

Select the color to display behind the widget using HTML hex codes (for example, white is #ffffff and black is #000000) or using the on-screen color-picker.

Pro Tip: This is especially helpful when using PNG image files with a transparent background and is a great way to add a little extra personality behind your images, text, clocks, and more!


Set a specific start and end date and time for the specific slide, as well as which days of the week it should display. After opening the date picker, click on the date you'd like the slide to first appear on. Then select the hour, minute and either am or pm to determine the time.

You can optionally then make selections within the End Date field to determine the date and time it should no longer display.

By default all slides will display every day of the week. To remove the slide from particular days, simply click on the green box with the day's initial in it. For example, to hide the slide on Mondays, click the green "M" box to turn it red. It will then display on all days except Monday. Any days that are green will display the selected slide. Any days that are red will hide the selected slide.

Pro Tip: Use this when you're looking to communicate specific messages for a part of the week. For example, if you have an image or text slide that promotes a fish fry every Friday in the summer, set your start date to May 1 and your end date to October 1, then unselect all days except Friday.

View Duration

Determine the time (in seconds) that the selected slide is visible. If zero (0) is entered int the field, then it will follow the Region's settings for "Delay."

Move Slide

Move the selected slide to a different region on your channel while retaining all of its current settings.