Stock Ticker

Up-to-the-Minute Market Value on Markey

Need to stay on top of the market value of your portfolio? What better place to highlight your returns than on your Markey Digital Signage through Trading View or AlphaTrade?!

Stock Ticker Settings

API Service

Select which API service you’d like to use. If you are an AlphaTrade user, you can leverage your account and claim a free API key to populate your ticker with their feed. Claim your API key here if you want to use AlphaTrade.

Otherwise, you can also populate the Stock Ticker widget with a feed from Trading View with no additional setup.


If you’ve selected AlphaTrade as your API Service, enter your API key here. Claim your API key here if you want to use AlphaTrade.


Enter in which stock symbols you’d like to appear within your Stock Ticker slide. Separate each symbol with a comma (no spaces). So it might look something like this:


Refresh Interval

Select how frequently you’d like the data in your Stock Ticker slide to update. If you’re using AlphaTrade as your API Service, then you’ll need to set it to a minimum of 5 Minutes due to their API limitations.

Stock Ticker FAQs

Can I display multiple Twitter Feeds?

Absolutely! Simply add in another slide of the Twitter Feed widget and enter in the additional URL to that Feed in the slide.