Time and Date Widget

On time 24/7/365

The Time and Date widget allows you to dynamically show the current time in a digital clock format and an option for the date shown below the time in any of the regions on your channel.


Time and Date Settings

Display Date

Select from the dropdown whether or not you want the date to be displayed. The date will include the day of the week, month, date, and year below the current time.

Text Size

Use the slider to adjust the size of the text in the region. Depending on the size of the region you have the slide in, you’ll want it to be larger or smaller. The smaller the number, the smaller your text will be. If you’re displaying the date, it will also be adjusted dynamically to ensure that the ratio and difference between sizes is maintained.

We encourage you to play around the sizes to find that balance between the right amount of margin and still making it easy to read.


Select the color of the text using HTML hex codes (For example, white is #ffffff and black is #000000) or use the on-screen color picker.

Font Weight

Select whether you want the weight of your text to be regular or bold.

Time Zone

Select the time zone you want the clock to display. By default, this is determined by the Channel Settings Timezone value on the Display Editor. If a Time Zone is selected here then it will override the default.

Time and Date FAQs

Can I have the date to the right or left of the time instead of beneath it?

Not currently, but we’re always collecting feature requests from our community. So feel free to let us know if this is something you’re looking for!

Does the Caption field under Slide Settings affect this widget?

It does! It’s our recommendation that you keep the caption blank for this and any other text-based widget, but if you have a way to integrate them together, go for it!