Learn how to add, edit, and remove Playlists from your Markey Digital Signage dashboard.

Create for Many Channels in One Place

Within Markey Digital Signage, there’s a chance you’ll have multiple Devices all in different physical locations. Some of them may have their very own content, so you’ve got a specific Channel on each. But what if you want to put a new image up on each screen but don’t want to have to add it as a slide on every one? Enter Playlists!

With Playlists, you can add any of the same widgets you have access to in the Display Editor. You’ll determine how they’ll look, their timing, schedule, and more. Then, you can add all of those slides to as many Channels as you want using the Slide Playlist Widget.

Moving forward, all you’ll need to do is update that Playlist and the changes will be shown on all Channels that have the Playlist displayed.

Creating Playlists

When you first visit the Playlists page, you’ll need to create your first Playlist. Simply click on the “+ New Playlist” button to get started.

In the overlay that appears, enter the name you’d like to use for the new Playlist and click “Save” to begin setting it up.

Adding & Editing Slides

Once you’ve created the Playlist, you can add any amount of new slides across all Widgets that are available to you.

Simply click the “Add new slide” bar and you’ll be presented with the widget selector and you can now enter in slides just as you would on the Display Editor.

Once you’ve added a slide and saved, you’ll see it in the Playlist edit screen where you can drag and drop to re-order the slides in the Playlist. The slides on top will play first when the Slide Playlist appears in a Channel.

To edit an existing slide in a Playlist, simply click on it and the Widget Settings pane will open on the left.

Deleting Playlists

To delete any of your Playlists, first click on an existin Playlist. Then, select the red “Delete Playlist” button to begin the process.

An overlay message will then display to notify you that deleting a Playlist is permanent cannot be undone. That overlay will also show you if it is currently present in any of your Channels.

The Channels it is currently used in will also be links you can click on to open the Display Editor with that Channel selected so you can make a determination if you want to proceed with deleting the Playlist or canceling the process.

If you proceed and delete the Playlist, it will remove it and all of its slides from any Channel(s) it currently appears within.