Text Editor Widget


The world is your oyster

This is the most versatile widget in Markey. Enter in the text you’d like to display in the region that the slide appears in. All of the text will then show in the region at once. The text editor allows for some additional formatting and tools like tables, horizontal rules, emojis, special characters, text formatting (bold, italic, underline, etc). Plus, if you need to format something in HTML, this is where you’ll do it. So the possibilities are truly limitless!


Text Editor Settings

Slide Content

This is where you can enter in the content as you’d like it to appear. There are lots of tools at your disposal and we recommend playing around with what’s there and how it works. Of course, the basics are there like bold and italics, numbered lists, emojis, alignment, and more. But there’s also some tools available that pull in tables and you can even adjust the source code if you have some programming chops.

Pro Tip: For a larger editing space, click the “Maximize” button right above the text field to expand your canvas and make for easier editing.

Text Editor FAQs

Why isn't my formatting being displayed on the device?

This could be a number of different reasons, but the short answer is that the CSS and javascript being employed within the app is most likely over-ruling your desired formatting. If you have programming experience, you could go into the code for that content by clicking the “Source” button and insert inline styles to your content. If that’s a bit too advanced, then it’s recommended to instead leverage an image widget by creating an image with your content either via photo editing software or PowerPoint or a web service like Canva.

Does the caption field under "Slide Settings" affect this widget?

It does! It’s our recommendation that you keep the caption blank for this and any other text-based widget, but if you have a way to integrate them together, go for it!